Rise Above Challenges, Stress and Self-Doubt!

Helping busy mompreneurs sync the Mind+Body Connection

to build emotional resilience, reduce stress, and overcome self-doubt. 

Create time and freedom to truly  enjoy life! 


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YES, please! I need extra hours in my day!

You on edge, overwhelmed or burn out? 


You feel like you are on call 24/7,

and PEACE is ever elusive.


You would like a minute to yourself,

but that is not possible.  


You are in the right place!


I understand and can guide you through the process to sync your energy to build resilience, reduce stress and overcome self-doubt.


Wherever you are, YOU are not alone!

More Time to Be Creative 

Grow your business as only you can. 

Identify What Matters Most and focus there.   

Work Less, Make More 

Learn the Time Matters way to schedule your day with the MOMpreneur 20 hour workweek. 

Enjoy guilt free me-time

Discover the Mind Matters technique to take control of your life, enjoy a well deserved relaxing hour or day to yourself. 

 Hi I'm Devri

I am an entrepreneur,

published author, team trainer, motivational speaker,

Certified Life + Business Coach.

I am a happy mom of six,

with 17 grandkids, 

and a follower of Jesus  =) 

For over two decades, I coached businesses and teams to success while raising a family, leading corporate teams, and running my own profitable company. 

I believed the extra hours and dedication would pay off, and financially it did.
But there was a tradeoff; I know firsthand the pain of missing important family events and the demands on your health, something no mom should experience.

Now, I help moms who struggle with stress and self-sabotage build emotional resilience while building their own business.  It's possible to blend both work and life responsibilities and my WHAT MATTERS MOST coaching program is the solution.  

 WHAT MATTERS MOST is not the number of hours you have, but how you FOCUS your hours.

 I left my corporate coaching career and now use my expertise to empower faith-driven overwhelmed moms who have too much to do and too little time, take control of their lives - Work Less, Make More & LOVE the life they live!

And, btw, I'm a lightning strike survivor too. 


Devri understands the challenges of moms who own businesses.

She’s living proof that life can be beautifully balanced when you have a plan in place. Her systems help manage home and business                     and still have time for me.  – Jenni


From struggling business owner to inspirational leader

I met Devri many years ago as a struggling business owner.  Her coaching style and systems were just perfect for our team. I grew into an inspirational business leader and our team began working together with one purpose because of her communication training. I attribute our success to Devri’s coaching! - Ross


Are you ready to trade your BUSY life for one you actually enjoy? 

Between managing your business and managing your family, you are exhausted.

Many mompreneurs get stuck in a pattern of doing "all the things" and that's not sustainable.

This simple tool will help you take control of your time, without the guilt, so you have the freedom to LOVE the life you live.  


Yes please, I want more control of my time!


Your revenue doesn't reflect the number of hours you work.

You feel guilty saying No to the barrage of requests for help from the community, church or soccer team and you never have time for yourself.  Tip # 7 in this guide, can help you take back time and live guilt-free. 

I want to live guilt-free, please!

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Wherever you are, you are not alone.

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