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I help purpose-driven overwhelmed moms who have too much to do and too little time, take control of their lives - Work Less, Make More & LOVE the life they live!  

Together we learn to bridge the gap between being too busy to think - and creating more freedom and time for yourself and the people you love AND despite it all, we successfully overcome life's challenges.

Take control of your time and freedom with my 20 hour workweek program - Work less, grow business revenue and create a life you love.  

Learning to unbusy your mind is often a lesson learned the hard way because Mompreneurs tend to do “all the things”

Planning, organizing, training teams, facilitating programs, driving the kids to practice, running errands, planning the church event, hosting the parties, etc, etc, etc...

 Even with all your amazing efforts and giving so much to others, you often question whether you’re really good enough.

 You feel like something in life is missing.

 And I get it.

Because that was me, too… not too long ago.

 I was a very successful, overworked business owner operating on burnout. 

 I could have received the 1st place trophy for exhaustion!


Navigating life's storms... 

To say I’ve figured it all out, is an understatement.

I am still weathering all of life’s storms, sometimes I love it, but not always. I'm still figuring life out.  

After years of challenges that included a long and difficult divorce, losing my father at a critical time, dealing with the emotions of my losing my brother to suicide, health issues, financial challenges - I beat the storm. 

I fell in love, married a 2nd time and started a new business.

… just when life seemed to be getting back on track…

Lightning struck!  

Yes literally... luckily, I survived the strike, but had to learn to walk, talk and even think again.

While still trying to blending a family, train and lead corporate teams and grow my own profitable business.

To get through the difficult storm of recovery and growth, I designed strategies I now share with clients to minimize self-doubt, master mindset, control the schedule, and achieve career and life success.

Today, my husband and I own multiple businesses, I’m a sought-after speaker, life and business coach, and I create beautiful time to spend with family and friends.

I am most excited to get to know you, and your story!

You Can Do It too!

With the right coaching strategy you find better ways to overcome challenges, manage stress, work less, increase profitability, and still achieve a beautiful Work-Life Balance. 

Inspirational Speaker

Thought-work, Communication, Time-Management, Business Mastery and yes... a little Hair and Makeup! 

For over 20 years Devri has helped others around the nation overcome life's challenge with her easy to understand systems and tools.  


Even a lightening storm couldn't keep her down for long. 


Her personal experience will amaze you!


We all experience them - Lightning Moments.  The pivotal events that change our lives forever.   This is the story of the lightning strike, how Devri recovered and a strategy for facing life's storms.

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Coach & Trainer

From behind the scenes to the conference room, the office to the stage, for over 20 years Devri's mentorship and training has inspired teams across the nation to take action, rise up and soar to success. 

Master Work/Life Balance!


Yes please!  I want to get back one or more hours today. 

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Empowered to handle life and face the storm!

 Devri’s coaching was like a lighthouse in the storm that was my mind. Now, when I start to fall into old thought patterns, I have concrete tools in my tool belt that I can use to climb out. I feel so much more empowered to handle life through the storm instead of hiding, waiting for it to pass. - Amberly