6 Tips for Tired Moms to Rest and Recharge

busy mompreneur moms relax Jan 20, 2023

Once you have the kids settled down for the night and you have your scheduled planned for tomorrow, take a few minutes to calm you mind and drift off to sleep. 


1) Note Pad

- Place a notepad near your bed to record anything that comes to your mind during the night. Then rest assured you will remember them items in the morning


2) Relax with Lavender Essential Oil

- Rub a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil onto your neck, temples and feet.

- Add to drops to your palms, rub quickly on your pillow and them breathe in the relaxing aroma


3) Warm drink at night

- Steep a warm cup of hot lemonade. Sip slowly as you allow the warmth to relax all tension and stress away


4) Warm Bath or Shower

- Take a warm bath and add candles for the added touch


5) Play Sleep Music

- Play delta waves sleep music and use ear buds for surround sound, if desired


6) Visualization/Breathing

- Close your eyes, visualize a calm beach. Take slow deep breath and release. Visualize the waves gently rolling.


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Taking a few minutes to recharge will help you relax for the evening and refresh for tomorrow. 

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