Be Your “Own Hero”!

timemanagment timesaving Feb 24, 2023

"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!"

Remember this description of a comic book hero possessing extraordinary supernatural powers, dedicated to protecting the community from disaster.

Heroes make a huge impact in how we live our lives.

What if, “YOU” were your own hero?

Think about it, heroes inspire us daily to be our very best. 

What if, you filled that “Hero Role” for yourself? 

So often we preform the exact opposite, we are our own “worst critic”.  We use loathing, nonproductive self-talk each time we display what we consider any weakness. We compare what we consider our challenges against the best we see in others.    

Many of us, myself included, are critical of ourselves.  Daily we participate in a form of nonproductive self-talk.   It could be in the morning as we get dressed, look in the mirror and say – “augh, that looks awful”.  We compare ourselves - time and again - to the best we see in others.  

This was true for me.  No matter how much energy I put into exercise, I never felt I looked good enough; there was always a ripple here or a bulge there.  Day in and day out, I dreaded getting dressed for work, and would change three to four times before “settling” on something to wear.  I spent an excessive amount of money on clothes, yet never had anything in my closet to wear – sound familiar? 

To be my own hero, I had to first: Recognize, “I am my own worst critic”,  and second: Make a choice- I changed the conversations I have with myself.   

Being your own hero does not mean you have to show dynamic “Super Hero” strength like Gamora or wonder woman every day as you overcome huge challenges.   

Your “Hero” can provide support, encouragement and praise for little actions on a consistant daily basis.

Pay attention to the conversations you have within your own mind,  and change the way you talk to yourself.

Be an Inspiration to yourself!  We are not meant to be perfect, just the best version of yourself! 

STOP the non-productive self-talk and replace it with encouragement and praise.  Learn to LOVE yourself, just the way you are!


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