Embrace the Moment!

#moments #whatmattersmost Feb 23, 2023

Even when things seem like they're falling apart, there's always a way to keep going.

The van rocked with each passing semi, she could feel the pull of the air stream. Though road was super busy she was able to steer her van to safety on the side of the road, before it stopped completely. Now, here she sat, on the freeway, in a broken car, and nothing she could do about it.

Have you ever had one of these moments?

Rosslyn days are usually filled with juggling the responsibilities of managing her business, mom to three kiddos, and trying to find any spare moment for herself.

Today was to be “that day”. A turning point in her business, with the final decision of a large new client that would impact her revenue. This client would offer her the opportunity to expand her business and hire additional help. But now, she wouldn’t make it home in time for the important call.

She could reschedule for another day, surly they would understand the inconvenience of a car breakdown. Over the past three years in business, there have been those moments when Rosslyn felt overwhelmed and tempted to throw in the towel, but today was not one of them.

With the cars breakdown, she would be running late, but instead of losing control, she decided to embrace the moment. Ross took a deep breath and called a tow truck, “Forty-five minutes? I’ll still be here…”

While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, Rosslyn made the call to the client, “This may be unconventional, but you are so important I didn’t want to postpone our conversation”

Impressed with Rosslyn’s determination to follow through no matter what, the client agreed and Ross confirmed the next step.


Thanks to the modern convince of cell phone and internet, Rosslyn used the remaining time waiting for the tow truck to send the clients contract, follow up on a few emails and make a an additional call. When the tow truck arrived, she felt accomplished.

Embracing the Moment got Rosslyn back on track. With the help of cell service, she made it home safe and sound, office work caught up, just in time to greet the kids bus.

This moment reminded Ross that even when things seem like they're falling apart, there's always a way to keep going.

Embrace the Moment!

Rosslyn attributes her success to my What Matters Most Coaching program, check it out here.


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