Fail-Safe Strategy to Build Better Habits: The TRACK Process

habits Aug 14, 2023

Fail-Safe Strategy for Building Better Habits: The TRACK Process

We all have those habits that seem to control us – biting our nails, reaching for unhealthy snacks, or oversleeping and being late for work. These habits can drive us crazy, leaving us feeling trapped. The good news is, change is possible, and I'm here to help struggling mompreneurs take control of their lives and achieve their goals.

Identifying the Source:
The first step is recognizing which habits are holding you back. We all have automated actions, some beneficial, others not so much. While we automatically buckle our seat belts for safety, some habits keep us from reaching our potential. It's these habits we need to target.

The TRACK Process:
T = Trigger Identification:
Understand what triggers your unwanted actions. Is it stress, boredom, or a specific situation? Pinpoint the trigger to gain control.

R = Replace the Action:
Replace the automated habit with a new, productive action that fulfills the same need. This change requires time and patience.

A = Ask Questions:
Dig deep and ask what need the habit fulfills. Find a substitute that serves the same purpose. This new action will eventually become automatic.

C = Celebrate Every Success:
Acknowledge and celebrate every small win. Keep a journal, noting your achievements, no
matter how minor they may seem.

K = Keep TRACKing:
Stay committed to the process. Focus on one habit at a time, visualize success, and affirm your progress. Keep TRACKing... you've got this!

The Power of Support:
Share your journey with a mentor, friend, or associate holds you accountable. They'll support you through tough times and celebrate every victory.

And remember to celebrate even the small wins. Every positive change matters. Keep a daily journal to document your journey and focus on your successes. You have the power to succeed within you. The TRACK Process, combined with determination and persistence, will help you overcome these habits and move towards a more successful, fulfilling life.

What you focus on becomes your reality. Embrace the TRACK Process, celebrate every success, and never, ever give up. Your ability to succeed is already within you. Now, take that first step!


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