Simplify & Get it Done!

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Simplify & Get it done in 4 easy steps

The day started early, before 6:00am, a typical day:

7 am – Coaching Call 

8 am – Daily Planning meeting with with my Education Leader

8:30 am – Team Communication Meeting 

8:45 am – Greet the Students

9:00am – Meet with the Enrollment Team

9:30 am – Quick call to cute hubby and emails

10:00am – Record a online webinar

11:00am - Review mail and pay invoices

11:30am – Meet with the bookkeeper

11:45 am – Lunch with sister to celebrate her birthday

And that is just the first half of the day!


I am often asked “How do you manage so many jobs and responsibilities, I can’t even find the time to manage one” 


My answer is simple… I "Unbusy my Life" with consistent daily time and task management!


At any given time, I managed two-three jobs consecutively.  Many appointments, calls, tasks or deadlines are associated with the various roles within these position.  

These four easy steps to successful time and task management assist in completing tasks and saying goodbye to overwhelm.     


Simplify to Get it Done! 

Step 1) Prepare for time and task management with a weekly list - use one list to track all tasks.  

Step 2) Prioritize tasks, identify the top 3 each day and complete them.  

Step 3) Use time blocks to schedule your day and schedule your tasks right into your calendar with specific completion times - then stick to it! 

Step 4) Perform a Daily Review - Celebrate the successes, cross off completed tasks, add new tasks as needed, identify “Time Wasters” and create a list of appointments and task to be completed, tomorrow.


Begin again and do it all over again!


What are you waiting for? It’s simple, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it


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Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and say hello to a stress-free life!


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