The Difference Between Achieving and Not Achieving a Goal.

Feb 27, 2023

Why do some achieve their goals and others do not? 

The solution could be as simple as they way you ASK questions.

Many use the "SMART System" for goal setting, defined as; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. 

Considering more than 70% of goals are never met; there seems to be something missing with our goal setting systems. 

This missing ingredient could be the "emotional connection" created with the right question.

People rarely change behavior just because they set a goal. Change occurs when we are emotionally compelled to change through emotional connection.  

Let’s discover how using emotions connected to your goal can assist you in goal achievement. 

The difference between achieving or not achieving your goal, could be as simple as answering the question “WHY”. 

Defining your goals purpose explains the benefit you personally will receive from achieving a goal. 

This purpose creates a strong emotional connection between you and the goal. You FEEL the result. 

The stronger the emotional connection, the easier it is to stay committed to the goals successful realization, even when life gets tough and in the past you may have given up.

The difference between achieving a goal and not achieving is often as simple as connecting emotionally. 

Behavior research shares the following theory.  The likely hood of relapse lessens after you have connected emotionally and consistently managed your goals for 90 days.  A good goal would be to connect with your goal emotionally and stay focused on achieving your goal for more than 90 days. 

Uncover the benefit of  “Why?”

Take the time necessary to create an emotional connection. Uncover your “why” behind a desired goal  by using the “why?” question technique, then consistently review this "Why?" on a daily basis for a minimum of 90 Days.      

“Why?” Question Technique

Begin by identifying a goal, then define your  goals “why?”, by asking a series of questions:

“Why” would achieving this goal be important to you?

And why is that important to you?

Why would this specific result be valuable? 

Continue asking "why?" questions and recording your answers until you discover the emotional connection to your goal - You will feel your heart and mind connect. This connection may be 7 or 8 layers below the surface!

End the activity by asking “Is there anything else?”... and listen for any additional thoughts for feelings that come up.

The more emotional connected you feel to the goal, the quicker you can achieve your goal. 

The “Why?” Question Technique is explained in detail in my book, Lightning Moments.  CLICK HERE for more information on how to order.


Take the time to record the answers to your "Why?" questioning.

1. Identify your goal

2. Ask a series of "Why?" questions (a minimum of 7 layers deep). 

3. Ask "is there anything more?" and listen. 

Success with any goal will increase as you  reach below the surface and connect emotionally (mind and heart) to your desires.   

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