Three Simple Steps to Focus Thought and Live Life Now.

depression happiness thoughts thoughtwork Jan 18, 2023

The most powerful war you will ever wage will be within your own mind – win or lose it’s all about mindset. - Devri


Successful people simply think different.  To achieve success, focus your thoughts on a desired goal. Simply think like a winner and you will become a winner.

1. Start with a decision

Determine what you want and then identify what you are willing to do to achieve your desired goal.  Make your list “simple”; what will you do or will not do to achieve your goal.  Avoid beginning with a long list of commitments that may make sticking with your goal difficult. For example; choose one or two small actions you can do today, that can assist you in achieving a larger goal. 

Next, allow nothing… yes, I said “nothing”… to get in your way of accomplishing your desired goal. 

Meaning, if you set a goal to exercise every day, avoid setting a huge goal like exercising for 45 minutes a day, opt instead for a simple 15 minutes and then expand to 45 minutes as your capacity to achieve increases. 


2. Direct your thoughts

Thoughts are the infrastructure of your beliefs and often the foundation of failure or success. 

Aim the energy of your thoughts on achieving your desired dream, and then celebrate every little achievement along the way. 

Choose a productive focus word or phrase that embodies your desired goal and repeat this focus phrase often. 

Develop a new thinking pattern by learning to replace any non-productive thought by canceling the thought and replacing it with your chosen focus word or phrase.


3. Let go of the Past

What you think about you bring about.  Focus on past failure and you are more likely to relive past failure. 

Learn from the past, then let it go and then focus on your future.   That’s easier said than done, but vital for your success. 

We humans are creatures of habit.  We tend to wallow in our mistakes.

Yet, the past is just that… the past - it's not happening now, except in your mind. 

No matter what, you cannot bring back any moment in time.  So, learn from it, improve yourself, and move on. 

LIVE in the present and look forward to the future. 

CLICK HERE: For more tips on how to LIVE in the Moment. 

YES! It’s that simple!

Start with a decision, direct your thoughts, and let go of the past.

Repeat steps 1-3 and over time you will learn to focus your mindset and achieve success. 

Your thoughts are your greatest tool, learn to focus them.  The energy you devote to building a productive mindset will determine your success. 

Focus - Think like a winner, and you will create success in life!

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