The Two Most Powerful Words: “I am..”

Mar 06, 2023

Each of us possesses incredible talents that are hidden deep within.  “Discover your possibilities” that allow the “Impossible” to become “I am… possible!”   

Two Most Powerful Words:   “I am…”


ANYTHING that follows these two simple words used often enough, you have the power “To Become” .   Use the phase; I am stupid… .yes you are.  I am ugly… you bet.  I am lonely, a failure, unhappy, unloved, unlovable, overwhelmed, stressed, tired.   YES… YOU ARE!!!  What you focus on, you get!  It’s easy to focus on negativity, I call it non-productive thoughts, it takes persistent effort to change to “Productive Thinking”. 

CLICK HERE for more information on Productive Thinking.   ---“Be your own hero?”


I love the quotes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of my favorites, “That which we persist in doing becomes easier - not that the nature of the task has changed but our ability to do has increased”

Change what you say to yourself through Productive Thinking and with consistent effort, your ability to “Become what you say”  will increase.  


What is your “I am…” statement?  


Allow the “possibility” and you will become anything that follows these two most powerful words;  I am… happy. Yes you are!  I am smart!  Top of the class! I am loved, healthy, fun, energetic, friendly, a successful entrepreneur. Yes, yes, yes and ABSOLUTELY YES… YOU ARE!!!   


When actions from the past are keeping you from achieving your potential. Make a radical change in what you say to yourself, what you focus on you believe, what you believe you achieve.  Choose to focus on what we are “Destined to Become”! 

Do it today… what is your “I am…” statement?  

FOCUS – BELIEVE – ACHIEVE  and you will become!

1 - Create your own "I am..." statement and share it on your social media. 

2 – Use your “I am…” statement throughout the day, you will achieve what you focus on!  

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